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Article Writing

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Article Writing


Ask yourself these questions before writing the article:


Who is my audience?


What is my objective in writing this article?


Are my ideas unique?


What are some possible titles for the article?


Would it be a good idea to include items into the article that would help make it more credible? (For example charts, surveys, interviews, polls)


Do I know enough about what I'm writing to answer any questions people may have after reading it?


To write an article, come up with a main idea. Then, elaborate on that idea with concepts that support it. Before you start, find out who your audience is. Is it young people? Is it students? Is it consumers of a certain product? By knowing your audience you will have an idea of the direction your article should go.  


          Start your article off with a great introduction that is unique. Always make the first sentence attractive. The introduction is the most important part because it’s what draws the reader into the article. If you’re trying to advertise a business, make your main focus not to bore the reader. In the body, focus on why your product is the best in the market. Use marketing techniques like offering rebates or discounts. If your article is a personal opinion, concentrate on making your ideas very attractive to the reader. This is important because one of your goals is to make the reader agree with what you’re saying. Don't ever make things up or exaggerate too much because the last thing you want is to lose your credibility.


          Finish off the article by summarizing the basic idea of your article. Include the most important parts of your message in this section. Make your last sentence very powerful to leave the reader interested in the subject matter. You can also add your contact information at the end.

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