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The Sounds of the Universe

When time stands still
no one looks to the past
Thousands of years have gone by
The sound of rebirth
echoes in the Milky Way
The wise one tells you to love
the world and take care of it
Immediately energies as strong as
lightning pass through the words
When a waterfall freezes the
crystals are never the same
Neither is the strum of a guitar
echoing into the music of the river
Let your mind's eye see the truth
that lies in between the gusts of wind
Let your spirit fly across boundaries
uncovering the secret of the universe

Nahom Kidanemariam


Edinburgh Crescent


Amidst the sound of children’s laughter;

The blue birds sing a lullaby.

The things we do hereafter,

With playful joy will make you cry.


We’re off now to the center,

It’s the centre of all goods and fame;

Where the owner is the renter,

And both will be one and the same.


Teacher can you hear us?

We came to you with pens and books.

We kept your wisdom near us;

It guided us through crannies and nooks.


Nahom Kidanemariam


Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Findbanner