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Assignment Writing Guidelines

Assignment Writing Guidelines
Article & Poetry submission
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Essay Writing




Step 1: Choose a thesis. The thesis can be written in one line. It is a statement that says what you’re going to prove. Ex. Man is created good and then may later deviate to evil tendencies.  


Step 2: Brainstorm concepts that relate to the thesis. Also brainstorm possible examples and quotes that can be used to prove your argument. After you've come up with enough ideas, derive three main ideas that support your thesis.


Step 3: Find two to three examples that prove each main idea.


Step 4: If possible support each example with a quote.


Putting it together


Introduction: Start the intro off with a catchy introductory phrase. State your thesis. State your three main ideas. Finish off the intro with a statement that summarizes the introduction.


2nd paragraph: State the first main idea. State the first example. Say how the first example proves the main idea. Support the example with a quote if applicable. Repeat with the other example(s). End the paragraph off with a sentence that relates the first main idea to the second main idea.


3rd and 4th paragraphs: Repeat the process that you completed for the second paragraph in paragraphs three and four for the second and third main ideas respectively. Note: for the concluding sentence of the 4th paragraph, don't relate the third main idea to the conclusion, just introduce the conclusion. 


Conclusion: Restate the thesis in a different way than the introduction. Restate the three main ideas. Finish off the conclusion by relating the thesis to something outside the material you discussed such as the implications for society.

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